Contact Improv Dancer. BODYWORKER . Freelance Copywriter.

Contact Improv Dancer. Bodyworker. Freelance Copywriter.

I’m a contact improv dancer, DJ, bodyworker, and freelance copywriter who has roots on Kaua’i and in Park City, UT.

I thrive on stories, touch, personal connection, and the exploration of momentum through the world. Cacao is my favorite plant medicine to share and I DJ Cacao Dances (reach out if you’d like to have this experience in your dance community).

At the moment, I do many things for a living. I’m a freelance copywriter who knows the ins and outs of content marketing, digital product launches, and enterprise software/technology, and eCommerce. I write copy for everything from websites to email newsletters, consult on strategy, and develop brands at Magic Science.

I’m developing my bodywork practice and zeroing on in who I want to focus with and how.

Email me if you want to talk about contact improv, stories, your favorite things, or working together.  You can sign up for my Impossible Things for Breakfast Newsletter here and I’ll send you interesting stories and poems as I finish them.