Writer. Yoga Teacher. Explorer.

Cole Slot Canyon Photo

I’m a freelance writer and yoga teacher  in Park City, Utah who’s fascinated by the conscious exploration of life. Deserts are my favorite places and I’m an INFJ. I grew up on the internet—immersed in technology—but have always had my head in a book and my heart buried in nature.

My dream for the future is to see a civilization integrated with the earth beneath us—not rooted in conflict with it.

At the moment, I do many things. I’m a freelance copywriter who knows the ins and outs of content marketing and ecommerce. I teach yoga. I write copy for websites, consult on strategy, and develop brands at Magic Science.

Writing fiction is my passion and I’m working on it. I just finished writing my first children’s book and some short stories are on the way. I feel like my purpose in life is to uncover stories that illuminate, expand, and inspire perspective.

I believe it’s a fundamental human necessity to be able to see the stars. That everyone has the right to clean water, natural foods, shelter, sustainable energy, community, nature, free expression, and love.

I’m enthralled by nature, parallel universes, consciousness, myths, natural healing, dreams, and the power that story has to create the world around us.

Email me if you want to talk about the universe, yoga, your favorite things, or working together.  You can sign up for my Impossible Things for Breakfast Newsletter here and I might just send it one day ;)