Build Trust in Relationships Through Consistent Action or be Forgotten

Whether the relationship is professional or personal, you must build trust through consistent action or you’ll be forgotten. Now, more than ever, no one has time for people or brands they can’t rely on. Show up on time. Do your best. Listen first. Respond to people promptly. Be honest and helpful. Communicate a steady, clear message. Follow through on what you say you’ll do.

Do these things consistently as a brand or an individual and people will know that they can rely on you. In today’s world of short attention spans, information overload, and online personal interactions, nothing is more crucial.

Trust can evaporate at the post of a status, the opening of an email, the delay of a response, or at the sight of a misspelled word. If you’ve spent the time to build substantial relationships, you’ll be forgiven. If you haven’t, you’ll be forgotten.

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