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If we are brave the unknown will adopt us and feed us miracles

If we are brave the unknown will adopt us and feed us miracles
Though we may teeter on the verge of oblivion
We only see the truth our world hides from
That we all stand on the edge of oblivion
Every moment a razor thin foothold between the known and a dark void Now and then Here and after Life and death
When we learn to walk without the fear of falling the edge expands
And we can see that self-doubt is our only enemy.
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Blue Moon

Blue moon

Bare feet on the soft Earth

Light rippling on sleeping lakes

Trees telling their secrets to the night

Waiting for the sun to return


Goddess of the night whispering through the leaves

Blue-silver light undressing the soft curves of the forest

Aspen eyes flashing back love

Stories weaving memories and hopes for the future


Another night under the stars

One more for the road

Soul food for our endless journey

Soak in new life for the path

Revel in the magic of being


You’ve surely had your darkness

Long nights where the storm of loneliness howls

Ripping holes in your heart

Knocking you to your knees

Bleeding hope from your eyes


But, like all storms, they passed

And though they may come again

The pain and the scars aren’t yours to keep

Unless you ask them to stay


Your light is older than the moon

It burns eternal in the heart of stars


Our journey has never begun and will never end

So dance




Soak up the moonlight and walk with your dreams

Hold the hand of magic and run



Let go

You’re already soaring

We were lost in the ocean of time…

We were lost in the ocean of time, no shore within reach, no life to drink.
Sun and wind burned away our skin.
The waters of evermore washed out bones clean.
And in the silent ocean floor, where time tried to stand still, our remains grew a new world to rescue us.
#oceans #time #sun #wind #stories #bones #life #death #impossiblethings

Pour me a shot of infinity

Pour me a shot of infinity.
A toast!
To the world in all its beauty
Its horror and joy
How I love your wild corners
The sparkling hills and bleeding canyons
Cities of rock sculpted by wind
Landscapes carved by legions of time
Pour me a shot of infinity
I need it to wash down the day
To remember the magic
And see clearly again
Pour me a shot of infinity
I wish to see into her eyes
For love to wake up again
I’ll pass out drunk on illusion in the meantimePour me a shot of infinity
We’ll swoon with truth
Stumbling and bumbling through profundities
Slurring myths and gulping stories
Let’s dance the Ghost Dance and send the world back to the land
Pour me a shot of infinity
I’ll transmute it into dream
We’ll float away on recognition
Soar high on understanding
Pour me a shot of infinity
Let’s get sloppy with love
and sincere about letting go
Pour me a shot of infinity
I want truth
It’s my purpose to know
Pass me the bottle. #infinity #truth #magic #writing #notebooks #passmethebottle