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I am a somatic bodyworker who loves to help people feel more connected and alive in their bodies through touch.

How do we do that?

It’s different for everyone. Sometimes it’s all touch, sometimes it can take talking, others it’s about identifying and changing everyday movement patterns. Usually it’s a combination of all three. And it doesn’t take as much heavy pressure or force as you may have been conditioned to believe. Pain isn’t as useful for healing as we’d like to think. Your body is a delicate and resilient instrument that we can tune together.

My goal is to help you where you are at, give you information that you can use to help yourself, and to remind you that your body knows how to heal itself. Energy is the flowering field pattern of the nervous system and the structures it weaves together (muscle, bone, fascia, viscera, etc.)

My work starts with presence and deep listening. I use the rhythms of the body, knowledge of anatomy and kinesiology as a map, and we navigate through the constellation. My personal research and learning centers around attachment theory, polyvagal theory, and the stories we tell ourselves that influence our behavior and movement.

People I Work With

Dancers, athletes, and performers who want to fine-tune their body

Bodyworkers, healers, and who want help with physical self-care, belief changes, and emotional growth

People who want relief from headaches and chronic pain (acute or residual)

People who want to participate and be active in their healing process

Ways I’ve Moved






Martial Arts


Mountain Biking

Trail Running



Barefoot Hiking

Barefoot Running


Contact Improvisation

3rd Person Short Bio for External Places

Cole Lehman is a trauma-informed somatic bodyworker who loves to help people feel more connected and alive in their bodies through touch. He looks at the body as a musical instrument that can tune itself through the reflective power of touch. Cole has studied movement his whole life, starting with wrestling at 8 years old and evolving through teaching Anusara Yoga and landing in a practice of contact improvisation. His own healing journey involves recovering from head trauma and changing his life story, travelling around the world. Cole’s focus involves the body (and all its layers), a strong connection with the natural world (walking barefoot), attachment theory/polyvagal theory, and

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