Happy Facebook Birthday Everyone!


happy facebook birthday


I just passed my 29th birthday and I’ve met a lot of people along those orbits. Most of them in real life.

Even so, I use Facebook, and have since 2004. I grew up with AOL and AIM, the internet reaching its puberty right around when I did. That shit was awkward.

Back to the point. Facebook birthdays. Everyone who lists a birth date has one and hopefully gets a large number of HBD’s on their timeline.

I’ve always had mixed feelings about Facebook birthdays. Other people’s make me anxious. Mine tend to make me happy. Conundrum.

Other people’s birthdays make me anxious because I feel like I have to write something witty or heartfelt, which takes time (that I don’t have at a glance). A quick “Happy Birthday!” is better than nothing, but I usually get frustrated, block it out,  and don’t post anything. I’m the type of person who tries to send handwritten cards to family or feels guilty.

For awhile, I even boycotted Facebook birthday-wall-wishing because it seemed to shallow to me. It’s too easy. No real effort required.

Then, I switched to text messages or personal messages, feeling like they’re  more personal and substantial.

Why do I think about this so much?

Whenever I see a bunch of messages from friends on my birthday, it almost always makes me happy, whether the messages are ace Hallmark material or not.

So I try to remember that just saying something, anything … is better than nothing.  The interaction may be too easy and shallow(to a degree), but it does add a small drop of happiness to someone’s day. So I should just wish them a happy birthday and stop brooding.

I almost never remember this. There is at least one or two instances over the past 2 days where I haven’t wished people happy birthday.

I’m sure I’ve missed your Facebook birthday or will at some point, so here’s my placeholder Happy Facebook Birthday! to everyone, forever and ever.






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