Puppy Fudge Sunday

We imagined before us a vast banana split.

Plump yellow fruits ripe from the endless forest.

The elves set to peeling and as they sang, cherries were dropped by phoenixes from the bright blue sky.

They fell to earth in plops. Whipped cream splattering the wind.

We started to dig with a new melody and as we unearthed the frozen tundra we found veins of chocolate, vanilla, pralines and cream.

Caramel geysers spouted and launched crunchy gooey bones across the creation.

The ground was ripe for churning.

A gush of wind and bells brought waves of fairies. They danced and sprinkles fell from their fingers, eyes and toes.

Vats of hot fudge rolled in by unseen forces.

Cauldrons bubbling and steaming with cacao from the darkest corners of the jungles. Sweetened by honey from the interdimensional bees.

The cauldrons tipped, and fudge flowed over the bananas and ice cream, flooding the scene.

Only one ingredient was missing.

“Bring in the puppies!”

Golden retrievers were set free from gates. They frolicked and hopped and slide. Smiling and licking and playing

They ate and slimed and yelped and rolled with each other.

They bounced around and up and down until the split was a slimy mixed mess and all the puppies were tired and laying down. Sides heaving sweetly in the sweet goo. All coated with sticky sweetness and filled with it too.

We walked our way in and started to chew.

One leg here

a head there.

Some sleeping, some awake, a few went to our bellies shrieking, others dreaming.

We ate them all down

sucked on their bones

marrow filled with joy

soaked with hot fudge Sunday

Breakfast was done

the day was young.

So we went right along and sang a new song.

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