Storm Wisdom

The storm spoke through him.

“These are the cleansing tears of your ancestors. The life-giving drops of the world. Water falling from the sky. A miracle of particles.
Wonder unbounded.
Listen to my wind. Hear my voice. Words lash out in bolts, binding reality to their whims.
Love, hate, fear.
Love. Connection.
Are you thirsty for life?
Drink of my wisdom little one. You are no different than I. We are all consciousness, we all have parts to play on the stage. Dance in my love. Open your heart to the sky and be full. You have never been empty. Emptiness doesn’t exist. Fullness won’t allow it. Thunder, rolling lazily across the mountains. Animals seeking home. Plants reaching to the sky. There is nothing we haven’t been. Don’t limit yourself to the external storm. Snuggle into the void. Find comfort in the ultimate freedom of mystery. Love all, release all. 
Have compassion for others from whatever distance you need. Claim nothing as your own and all as your relation.”

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