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Reflections in the Light – Spooky Canyon

Long ago, a storm ripped a boy’s heart from his chest and shattered it against the Cliffs of Forgetting.

Spooky Canyon Light

The wind scattered the pieces across the multiverse, creating a scavenger hunt out of eternity.

He dove into lifetime after lifetime to find the pieces. Picking up a crystallized splinter here and a glimmering shard there.

He walked many lonely paths through the darkness to remember he must look for reflections in the light.

Dim or bright.

The pieces returned in unexpected moments. Revelations jumped out from around corners he believed to be walls.

Loves were found, acknowledged, and ignored.

The story of each world whispered his steps along the path.

He began to remember how to listen for and see them.

One day, he would hold every piece and ages after that, he’d begin his search anew.

And maybe, somewhere along the slipstream of eternity, he’d realize that nothing had ever been lost, that he had always been whole.