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Flexible Daily Template for an Optimal Life in 2014

Optimal is a flexible and helpful lens to view your life through in 2014.  When you look for formulas that deliver happiness, perfection, enlightenment, etc.  you’re attaching yourself to unattainable things.  They’re unattainable, because every day is different and your optimal state is always changing.  Some days you’re just not going to be happy or you could be sick, and that’s OK, because that’s reality.   Attach yourself to optimal, not perfect.

I have an appreciation for the power of templates and lists.  Not the  rigid, do-it-this-way-every-single-time-in-this-order-no-matter-what-happens-or-the-world-will-explode templates, but templates that outline essential components for success and allow for natural fluctuations.

I created this one for my daily life because I sometimes get caught up in activities and habits that are distracting me from what’s important and ultimately, this makes my life less than optimal.  These are things I can always do to move towards a more favorable state.

  • Drink more water
  • Meditate
  • Practice physical Yoga
  • Exercise
  • Complete work that you’re proud of
  • Interact socially, IRL
  • Learn something new
  • Create something – Write, draw, paint, etc.
  • Play – Read, watch a movie, dance, etc.
  • Take a moment to be grateful for/in awe of life (the fact that we exist at all is really quite amazing)

They don’t ALL have to happen in a single day and they can be combined.  Yoga could be my play and exercise one day, and the work that I’m proud of on another (when I finish a class I’m going to teach).

My favorite thing about templates or lists like these are that you can always add to them, and that practicing just one of these things every day can change your entire world.

Make your own list, and see if it helps you find your daily template for an optimal life.  If you’re into that sort of thing.