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People of Sundance Wants You to Have Fun

I created something the other day. peopleofsundance.tumblr.com

The idea was sparked by fur boots over lunch at Whole Foods.

The intention was simply to create something relevant. It worked.

After a day, POS found @austendiamond, SLC City Weekly Music Editor, and he wanted to talk to me about it and write a blog post on it. I’m so happy that he did on many levels.  It got the some much needed attention and forced me to think harder about what this creation really was, because I still wasn’t sure. Thank you, Austen.

After spending last night on Main Street with all the glorious strangers and familiar faces, taking photos, dancing, and laughing,  I realized I needed to clear something up .

The site immediately triggers People of Walmart for many, and that’s a large part of the reason it spread so quickly. I don’t think Sundance is anything like Walmart, I just knew the name would resonate. This blog’s purpose isn’t to make fun of people it’s to give everyone a new way to interact with @Sundancefest. I don’t want anyone to feel bad about showing up on this blog. You can even find me on the site in a puffy blue jacket.

Sundance is unique and because of that, there are plenty of different perceptions around what it stands for. Whatever you think about it, if you aren’t having fun with it, you’re doing it wrong. Life gets a little strange at 7ooo ft., go with it. Wear whatever you want and own that shit because you look good.

Have fun with each other, take photos, send em in. Follow us @sundancepeople