Freelance copywriter. Content strategist. Animist.

I’ve spent over 14 years working on digital content and strategy for brands like Adobe, Verizon, and In 2020, I helped launch a book for NYT bestselling author Dallas Hartwig.

I’ve created brand messaging, content strategy, and every kind of digital content (except for AR/MR/VR). Now I direct content strategy and write about AI and software development at Codingscape.

My personal life revolves around connection with other humans and the natural world – not technology. I teach contact improvisation, practice bodywork, wander the forest, and make chocolate.

This website highlights some of my freelance writing on neuroscience, psychedelics, and nature. It also holds my short fiction stories.

Find me on LinkedIn to talk with me about any of the above.

If I’m not outside wandering the forest or desert, you’ll see me at a contact improvisation jam like this one we performed at TEDx Salt Lake City: