Cacao Dance May Topper

Fresh life pouring from all the bodies :) New music, old music, body music.

Let's move freely together fueled by Theobroma cacao from Guatemala! Cacao (chocolate) is one of my favorite allies in finding joy, flow, and love for this crazy life dance we're all doing.

May Cacao Dance
When: Saturday, May 19, 7:30-11:00pm
Where: The Shop Yoga Studio in Park City
Cacao & Connect: 7:30-8:30 (Cacao will still be available after 8:30)
Suggested Donation: $10-25


Let's move freely together fueled by Theobroma cacao from Guatemala! Cacao (chocolate) is one of my favorite allies in finding joy, flow, and love for this crazy life dance we're all doing. I'm excited to share 3 of the things I love the most with everyone - cacao, dance and music :)

Invite people you love and who you want to move with. The first dance's success came from the close connection and resonance of the people who showed up and having enough space to move freely. The intention is to continue to grow this kind of environment without packing the space to the walls.


Cacao is a heart-opening plant medicine that contains anandamide (the bliss molecule) and safely increases the release of oxytocin and seratonin. This inhibits our natural fear response and leads to feelings of well-being, connection and belonging - ideal for dancing.

This dance is safe space to express all movement and emotion.
From contact improv and solo movement to mediation, emotional release, and the witnessing of others dancing. We won't be talking verbally on the dance floor (there will be space to chat off the floor). Other noises and laughter welcome.

To honor the space and our bodies, we'll dance without shoes. The floor in the space is finished concrete so it'll be different than wood many of us are used to dancing on but still fun.


It literally opens your heart energy center by increasing heart rate by about 15-20%. Most of this noticable physical energy comes from Theobromine - similar to caffeine but without the cracky buzz or crash. The spirit of the plant, or Cacao deva/ goddess, is very present and available for journeying, emotional release and clarity.

There are some contraindications or reasons not to use cacao, or to go light on it. e.g. heart conditions, stressed out/overly toxic liver, some antidepressents. Some information is available here: .

And I'm happy to answer any I can.


It's beautiful

The Shop is a donation-based space and this dance is by donation (with recommended donations to match energy exchange for the cacao and support the space).

If the energy to get to Park City is all you can afford and you still want to experience the dance email me and we'll find an easy way to it.


I'm happy to answer any questions about cacao or the dance that I can. Email:

That's a bit of everything. Excited to dance with you!

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