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To write, to exist, to play music! Even badly…

To write, to exist, to play music!
Even badly
What exquisite beauty,
Of all the things, places, people…
to be me, here, now…
Wowwww… Follow the thread,
feel life flowing through youThe serpent dancing,
coiled around the hearts of time
Note by note
always swaying
Even in the mad rhythm of a city
Fast! Slow
Everywhere in between
What love this is fleeting moments where lives connect
Stars slipping through fingers
Each word, an ocean every gaze a river
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What We Were Made For

We’re still alive.

We’ve been given another day


We have something to offer

The world desperately needs who we are and what we love

But, there’s no guarantee we’ll be here to see the sun set tonight

The delicate chaos of reality could just as easily swipe us away

A supernova, a calamity, a drive to the store

There’s no more time to waste

Worrying about what we want to be and how we might get there

There was never time for it to begin with

We are alive.



What do you love?

Sing to it all

Who do you love?

Tell them why and hold them close if you’re able

Sit in the grass and watch the trees sway




Our next breath isn’t guaranteed

You’ve heard this said a million times before, but have you felt it?

Have you seen it unfold into an experience of reality around you?

Can you feel the swirling delicacy of the universe that gives you form?

The impermanence of this world and the unbearable lightness of your anchor here

This has never been a call to fear, it’s always been a call to life

Your blazing soul will never be extinguished, but it has so much to share here, now, with us.

We need you today.

Stop wasting your time on things you don’t care about because they feel safe and understood

Burn with your deepest truth

and if it destroys you, so be it.

That’s what we were made for.

Storm Wisdom

The storm spoke through him.

“These are the cleansing tears of your ancestors. The life-giving drops of the world. Water falling from the sky. A miracle of particles.
Wonder unbounded.
Listen to my wind. Hear my voice. Words lash out in bolts, binding reality to their whims.
Love, hate, fear.
Love. Connection.
Are you thirsty for life?
Drink of my wisdom little one. You are no different than I. We are all consciousness, we all have parts to play on the stage. Dance in my love. Open your heart to the sky and be full. You have never been empty. Emptiness doesn’t exist. Fullness won’t allow it. Thunder, rolling lazily across the mountains. Animals seeking home. Plants reaching to the sky. There is nothing we haven’t been. Don’t limit yourself to the external storm. Snuggle into the void. Find comfort in the ultimate freedom of mystery. Love all, release all. 
Have compassion for others from whatever distance you need. Claim nothing as your own and all as your relation.”

Reflections in the Light – Spooky Canyon

Long ago, a storm ripped a boy’s heart from his chest and shattered it against the Cliffs of Forgetting.

Spooky Canyon Light

The wind scattered the pieces across the multiverse, creating a scavenger hunt out of eternity.

He dove into lifetime after lifetime to find the pieces. Picking up a crystallized splinter here and a glimmering shard there.

He walked many lonely paths through the darkness to remember he must look for reflections in the light.

Dim or bright.

The pieces returned in unexpected moments. Revelations jumped out from around corners he believed to be walls.

Loves were found, acknowledged, and ignored.

The story of each world whispered his steps along the path.

He began to remember how to listen for and see them.

One day, he would hold every piece and ages after that, he’d begin his search anew.

And maybe, somewhere along the slipstream of eternity, he’d realize that nothing had ever been lost, that he had always been whole.