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Types of Sessions

$ – 90-minute craniosacral for head trauma -150word description

$ – 90-minute nervous system mapping/recalibration- 150word description

$ – 90-minute rest and recovery- 150word description

$ – 90-minute emotional/story release – 150word description

$ – 90-minute body tuning for dancers – 150word description

We can wake up a surprising amount of landscape in one 90-minute session. And the first session is also just us getting to know each other… Working together over a longer term seems to lead to more benefit. I prefer to start with at least three sessions. And my gauge of success is that eventually you don’t need me to help you feel more connected and alive in your body.  

Here’s What a Session Might Feel Like

Session 1: getting to know each other and establishing resonance

Session 2: ?

Session 3: ?

Beyond Sessions… what’s next?

So here are 3-session costs…

3-Session Packages

$ – 90-minute craniosacral for head trauma

$  – 90-minute nervous system mapping/recalibration

$  – 90-minute rest and recovery

$  – 90-minute emotional/story release

$ – 90-minute body tuning for dancers


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